Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds on a Ski Trip

Growing up, I had never seen bunk beds; we didn't have any in our house. Although, now that I look back on my childhood, we should have had several of them; with five boys in the house, what could be more normal for a family to use? After all, when it comes to an efficient and economical way to house five bouncy boys, bunk beds are perfect.

But no, we did not use them in our house. And then came the winter when I was four. The memory is very dim - naturally, but the item that stands out is: bunk beds. This was the mid 60's; so, parents were not inclined to explain themselves to their children. Back then, it was pretty much: do as you are told, or get smacked! So, when they piled my brothers and me into the car and drove to Maine, they did not exactly take me into their confidence. Before I knew it, we were up in the mountains, and being assigned rooms in this big lodge. As I was so young, my mother was a bit worried about me being in with the men. So, they made an exception and allowed me to room with the ladies.

I wondered: were we moving? Why were we up in the mountains, and what were they going to do about all this snow? I mean, it made it impossible to get around. Someone needed to shovel it all away; and I sure wasn't going to do it! Hey, at four, shoveling snow was not my strong suit.

As it was late in the day, we had dinner, and retired to our bunk beds. The top of the bunk beds looked awfully high in the air, and I was none to anxious to climb up there. But, at four, I was certain that a big boy could not show fear; certainly not in front of all these women. Fortunately, my mother came to the rescue. She was worried that me being in the top of the bunk beds could be dangerous, if I rolled out of bed during the night. For that matter, what if I needed to get up and go to the bathroom during the night? Now me, I hadn't thought of that, but she had. Moms are good about thinking of things like that: bunk beds as they relate to bathroom access.

So, I took the bottom of the bunk beds, and we turned in. the next morning, I awoke first, and scanned the room; racks of bunk beds all around, and all these sleeping ladies. And, the only thing I could think of was: if we're moving here, where do I put my toys? All the bunk beds had suitcases under them; so I didn't see where there would be space for my toys.

After breakfast, we headed outside, and my Dad got me a teeny tiny pair of skis and some matching ski poles. My brothers and my Mother got theirs on without any trouble. Me, I suddenly had a great desire to go back to those bunk beds, and hide! Still, at least now I understood why the place didn't shovel the snow away; we were expected to slide on it using these thin ski things. As my Dad guided me through the beginner's slope, I finally learned the truth of what was going on. My parents talked about how this was the family's first real ski vacation since I'd been born.

Ah, a vacation; so that was it. I never did master the skis, but I found the bunk beds fun to climb and jump across; oh, and sleep in.